retail-cleansThe last thing you want is for your customers to have their shopping experience disrupted by inconsiderate cleaning staff. We can work with your unique business type to schedule the best time for our professional and thorough technicians to call.

You want to maximise your retail space so you make sure it’s nice and bright, but that makes even the smallest amount of dirt or dust to stand out. Hygiene Cleaning Solutions realise how unappealing this can be to customers, so we provide a range of specialist cleaning services catering to all sizes of retail store or outlet, even shopping centres!

Cleaning To External Surfaces & Guttering of Building

This cleaning service is provided mainly for industrial units and the cleaning of their external cladding which can be carried out in a number of ways depending upon the cleaning problem. It may require hands on cleaning which is labour intensive, time consuming and normally involves some form of access equipment. It may be that the cladding is just dirty from polluted air and rainwater in which case it is less labour intensive and a faster process. The cladding in this situation will be cleaned using a ‘reach and wash’ system identical to that used by window cleaners.

Gutter cleaning is carried out from the ground using the latest in technology to make the cleaning safer and quicker. If the guttering is heavily laden with dirt and plant growth then this has to be done by hand using some form of access equipment. regular maintenance of gutters and down pipes negates this problem and will reduce on going maintenance costs.
As we use ‘reach & wash’ for cladding cleaning it also enables us to carry out commercial window cleaning.


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"I have know Leon and the Hygiene Cleaning team for over 5 years and have never been disappointed with the service. We run a really busy office with clients visiting us regularly. It's hugely important to us that the space is spotless 24/7!"

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