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Hotel and Caravan Cleaning North Wales

hotel-cleansWe offer a comprehensive range of caravan cleaning services in North Wales and The North West of England,

We can both clean your caravans and the holiday park they’re in. From busy change-over days to preparing your vans for winter we provide an efficient and reliable service. All with the minimum of fuss!

We offer our cleaning services to all hotels, holiday homes, caravans and holiday parks at a cost effective price yet still provide a very high standard, quality clean.

Invest In Your Keeping Your Business clean!

Keeping your caravan in tip top condition is a major factor in keeping your customers happy and in retaining repeat business.

Your Holiday Home represents a major investment, not only in money but in your time, so why not get it looked after by our professional cleaning service.

Whether your Holiday Home is let out all year round or only during the peak season, we can provide a service that will meet all your requirements depending on the service you require.

We can provide a full Changeover Service, whether you require a Laundry Service, General Maintenance, restocking Guest Arrival Packs, or simply Cleaning alone.

Our costs are usually charged on a sliding scale from a ‘Refresh’ clean to a Full Occupancy Clean, and Laundry charged accordingly. As and when required, we can also carry out periodic Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and External Cleaning including Guttering, Windows and Fascias.

The Latest Hotel & Caravan Cleans from Hygiene Cleaning Solutions

We offer a complete solution to caravan cleaning in north wales and the north west, we’ve seen it all and have the tools to fix the job for you from exterior cleaning, interior cleaning, upholstery cleaning to jet washing.

Our service is second to none, all you have to do is contact us and we believe you will never look back after being looked after by our team.

Change-over day Service
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Winter Preparation
External Caravan Cleaning
Laundry Service
On-board water and electric
General Maintenance
Repeat Cleans

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